4 Jul 2019

A new report from WCVA outlines the need for creative collaboration across sectors to ensure sustainable funding streams for voluntary organisations in Wales.

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A new report entitled ' Sustainable Funding for the Third Sector' has been released by WCVA this week.

The report is a result of a cross-sector funding roundtable discussion, hosted by WCVA and paid for by European funding.

The roundtable featured representatives from the voluntary sector, third sector, funders, Welsh Government, local government, academics and charitable foundations.

The discussion focused on the challenges the sector faces in finding funding. Topics raised included commissioning and collaboration issues between smaller and larger organisations.

The report uses the discussions and other pieces of research to propose a series of actions to be undertaken by partners, in co-ordination with WCVA, to address the issues and challenges identified.

Tipping the scale

'We can clearly see from this report that capacity for fundraising within the third sector is extremely limited, with small and medium sized charities at a particular disadvantage,' says Judith Stone, Assistant Director for Sector Development at WCVA. 

'The report identifies potential areas for growth including strengthening relationships to build income streams from trusts and foundations and legacy fundraising.

'It also sets out seven priorities for action that will guide our work, with partners, over the next 12-18 months.' 

Internal and External barriers

The report groups the issues raised at the discussion into two headings: 'Internal' and 'External'.

The internal issues identified problems arising from a lack of communication and collaboration.

This included a lack of time to invest in generating income, and a lack of skills to bid effectively and demonstrate impact.

The broader external issues were around systemic challenges and the funding landscape.

The focus here was on the upscaling of contract commissions, ambition, and the looming threat of Brexit.

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Read the full report Sustainable Funding for the Third Sector.

For a breakdown of the main points and analysis, our Sustainable Funding Manager Dewi Smith has written a blog- What are the barriers to financial sustainability?