We’re pleased to launch our Strategic Framework and our Plan for Change 2017-22.

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This comes following the appointment of a new Board, Chief Executive and Senior Management Team at WCVA, after which it was decided - amid huge change both within Wales, at UK-level and internationally - that it was time to undertake a Strategic Review and refresh our ways of working and our goals.

Our new Framework sets out our vision, mission and values for WCVA going forward. Our goal is a future where the third sector and volunteering thrive across Wales, improving wellbeing for all. We want to be a catalyst for positive change through our connecting, influencing and enabling work. And we want to continue to involve our members, be open and inclusive, create and share a strong evidence base, and maximise our impact.

This Framework has been decided on after a period of consultation and engagement with the third sector in Wales, WCVA staff, and other stakeholders.

  • You can read the full Strategic Framework here.

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  • You can also watch our short animation about what we do, and how the Framework will help us do it, here, or by clicking the image above.
  • And we've got a background document, giving you further detail behind the headlines of the Framework, here.
  • Also, to inform our thinking during the process of coming up with the Framework, we looked back at reports and publications by, for and about the sector, covering themes from funding to collaborative working to digital inclusion and more. The resulting Literature Review can be read here.
  • Our Futures Reports examine global trends and what they could mean for the third sector in Wales here.
Plan for Change 2017-22

We've launched our Plan for Change 2017-22, looking at what we hope to achieve, with the help of the third sector, over the next five years.

  • You can read a summary of the Plan for Change here.
  • Watch a quick video about the Plan for Change here  or by clicking the image below.

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  • And read the full version of the Plan for Change here.


We'd love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Strategic Framework or Plan for Change, please email help@wcva.org.uk or contact us on 0300 111 0124.