Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it affects all of us as there are social and economic consequences.

Third sector organisations need to understand what these will be, how they will impact on the people and communities we support, and consider that we need to do to address these changes. 

climate change

Information in this section covers why climate change is an important issue for the third sector, impacts on vulnerable groups, impacts on housing, health, transport and other areas, how to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint, and taking community level action on climate change.

Information sheets

Introducing climate change
Why climate change issues are important for the third sector
Climate change as part of sustainable development
Climate change social justice - impacts on vulnerable groups
Climate change and environmental justice
Climate change and energy
Climate change and housing
Climate change and livelihoods
Climate change and health
Climate change and transport
Reduce your organisation or group's carbon footprint
Take local community level action on climate change