This section is aimed at small voluntary and community organisations who have little or no fundraising experience and may or may not be a registered charity.

It provides details of the most common questions asked when you are new to funding, along with tips on how to improve your chances of success. There are also links to additional sources of information and local advice and support.

What types of fundraising are there?

Fundraising covers many things from sponsored events and charitable donations through to writing grant funding applications, charitable trusts and trading. The information here helps you identify appropriate funding sources, provides guidance on how to access funding and where to get more information.

How much work is involved in fundraising?

The amount of work required for fundraising varies enormously between different funding sources and the amount you need to raise. Funding sources such as raffles or asking for donations can be quick and easy, whereas running an appeal for a new roof may take over a year to achieve and require considerable motivation.

Requirements for funding applications can vary, some are complex requiring accompanying materials, such as a business plan, whereas others, such as Awards for All from the Lottery or grants from your local county voluntary council (CVC) are designed to be accessible to smaller and newly established groups.

How much money can we access?

The money that can be generated from fundraising varies from a few hundred pounds to millions. The amount you are likely to attract is generally in proportion to your present income. So if you are raising money for the first time do not expect to achieve huge sums. Funders like to see a track record of success and have the confidence that a group can manage larger grants.