The Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC) is a key mechanism for the third sector to talk to, and hear from, Welsh Government.

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It is chaired by the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services and is made up of representatives of third sector networks working across 25 areas of third sector activity along with the CEO of WCVA.

The main purpose of the Third Sector Partnership Council is to make sure that the principles set out in the Third Sector Scheme are put into practice. It also provides an opportunity for the sector to raise issues of interest or concern. It generally does not discuss issues that relate to only one area of interest (these can be taken up through biannual ministerial meetings) and as a national body it is concerned with issues affecting all of Wales.

Members of the Third Sector Partnership Council and the networks they represent are as follows:

Name  Area of interest  Network
Helene Hayes Advice and Advocacy Independent Advice Providers Forum
Claire Lawson Animal Welfare Animal Welfare Network for Wales
Gareth Coles Arts, Culture and Heritage Voluntary Arts Wales
Salah Mohamed Asylum Seekers and Refugees Welsh Refugee Council
Catriona Williams Children and Families Children in Wales
Chris Johnes Community Building Communities Trust
Bernie Bowen Thomson Community Justice Community Justice Cymru
Rhian Davies Disability Wales Disability Reference Group
Cath Hicks Education and Training Adult Learning Wales
Clair Brick Employment Siawns Teg
Karen Whitfield Environment Wales Environment Link
Uzo Iwobi Ethnic Minorities BAME Alliance
Rocio Cifuentes Ethnic Minorities  BAME Alliance
Catherine Fookes Gender Women's Equality Network Wales
Kate Young Health, Social Care & Wellbeing Health, Social Care, Wellbeing and Sport Planning Group
John Puzey Housing Homes for All Cymru
Carl Cooper Local and Regional Intermediaries CVC Cymru
Susie Ventris Field International Welsh Centre for International Affairs
Victoria Lloyd Older People Age Cymru
Gethin Rhys Religion Interfaith Council for Wales
Andrew White Sexuality Stonewall Cymru
Derek Walker Social Enterprise Social Enterprise Network
Kate Evans Sport and Recreation Welsh Sports Association
Sandy Clubb Volunteering Volunteering Wales Network
Elin Maher Welsh Language Mentrau Iaith Cymru
Paul Glaze Youth Council for Wales Voluntary Youth Services
Ruth Marks  WCVA Chief Executive WCVA representative

Please click on NAME and AREA OF INTEREST for further information.

Please note that the information is provided by the individual networks and WCVA cannot accept any responsibility for reliance on the information provided

The partnership council meets twice a year and members of the public are encouraged to come to the meetings. You can also find all of the papers and minutes from TSPC meetings on the Welsh Government website.

If you would like to get involved, please email us or call us on 0300 111 0124 to find out further details of the 25 networks that you can link in with.


Funding and Compliance sub-committee

The TSPC also has a funding and compliance sub-committee which monitors the code of practice for funding the third sector and considers any breaches of the code or concerns from the sector regarding funding issues.  WCVA's  Chief Executive, Ruth Marks, sits on the committee and any organisations wishing to discuss concerns over funding arrangements or the code of practice can contact Ruth in confidence by emailing our helpdesk.